When you first get started with your network marketing business your upline leaders are going to tell you to make a list of your family and friends. The problem you will run into is when you have burned through that list, what to do next. Your friends and family are usually not the best people to talk to about your new business. They just don’t see you as a business person and will usually say no to your new opportunity.

So the question you ask yourself is “who can I talk to after my friends and family have said no?”

Generating Free MLM leads online will be the answer to that question. I want to give you a few ways you can generate these leads. To get these free leads your going to need 2 things. One is a lead capture page and the other is traffic.

The lead capture page is a simple website that you can collect a name and email. This new email will be your new lead you can follow up with. You can set this up yourself or you can plug into a system that is already setup for you.

Getting traffic can be a challenge for many because it takes time to build. Usually people will not want to put in the effort to generate the traffic. Your whole goal is to build and direct as much traffic to your lead capture page, to generate 25+ free MLM leads a day.

Search engine traffic or SEO is going to be the best traffic you can get. Over 60 million searches are performed each day, and Google is the king. Google is a search index that gives results to people for keywords they search for each day.

Content is King, and Google loves fresh new content. If you feed the Google beast with amazing content, they will reward you for it with free search traffic.

Setting up a blog and writing content will be your first step in generating traffic. Each day you will write a new article, you can then post it on your wall. Take that same article and post it to all the top article directories. At the bottom of your article add in your lead capture website link. Tell people to click the link to get more information. You will get instant traffic from the directories. Your blog will start to get picked up by the search engines and they will rank you higher and higher with more great content.

Social media is going to be another great place to market your blog posts. Every time you write a new blog post, add it to your social media website. Places like Facebook and Twitter will give you tons of traffic. The more you become social, and build up a following the more traffic you can attract. But make sure your posting quality content. Is see way to many people talking about how great there products or company is. People want the lifestyle network marketing will give them. They don’t care about the products. So write quality content that teachers others how to get that lifestyle.

The last great way to get traffic is with video marketing. The biggest is YouTube, and they will reward you with instant traffic if your videos are quality. Take the same article you wrote for your blog and turn it in to a video. Sit in front of your camera, be natural, and just talk about the article you just wrote. Teach others how to setup lead capture pages and create more traffic to their websites.

With all this new traffic you built, using your traffic techniques, what are you going to do with it? Its time to generate Free Leads that you can use in your business. Here is a system that you can plug into. Lead capture pages, autoresponders, everything is ready to go for you.

If you want Big success with your primary network marketing company it requires first branding yourself and lead generation. Learn to become and Alpha Networker and build your MLM downline faster both online and offline.